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Why Choose Mason's Ink for Your Tattoo

Choosing the right studio for your tattoo is a decision that lasts a lifetime. At Mason’s Ink, we take pride in offering an environment that merges unparalleled expertise with a commitment to quality, making us a favored choice for both locals and visitors in Seminyak, Bali. Here’s why Mason’s Ink should be your go-to destination for tattoo artistry:

Award-Winning Tattoo Artists

Our roster is graced with award-winning artists from the most renowned tattoo studio in Bali, each recognized on global platforms. These artisans infuse every project with a blend of passion, precision, and professionalism, ensuring your tattoo emerges as nothing short of a masterpiece.

Diverse Tattoo Designs

Every individual is unique, and we believe your tattoo should be too. Our tattoo artists excel in a wide range of tattoo styles, from traditional and neo-traditional to realism and abstract designs. Whether you have a clear vision or just a vague idea, our artists can bring your unique story to life through a customized design.

High-Quality Products

Quality tattoos start with quality products. At Mason’s Ink, we use genuine American and European inks to ensure the safety, longevity, and vibrancy of your tattoo. We also utilize  sterile equipment and premium needles that are opened in front of each customer at the commencement of their tattoo.

Minimum Pain

Your comfort is our priority. We understand that getting a tattoo can be a daunting prospect due to the anticipated pain. At Mason’s Ink, we employ advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to significantly reduce discomfort. Our artists exercise the utmost care and precision, making the journey to your ideal tattoo as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Aftercare Solutions

We provide comprehensive aftercare solutions to ensure your artwork remains as pristine as the moment it was created. We equip you with the knowledge, resources, and continued support to nurture your tattoo, promoting optimal healing and preservation of the intricate details.

Gallery-Like Studio

Forget traditional, dreary tattoo shops; our space thrives with artistry, designed for your inspiration and comfort. Beyond that, our Bali Tattoo Studio is a haven of inspiration and comfort. As your design comes to life, immerse yourself in our captivating ambiance, enhanced with state-of-the-art sound systems and flatscreen TVs.


Explore the world of tattoos with a FREE consultation at Mason’s Ink. Our talented artists are here to understand your vision, provide expert advice, and create a design that’s uniquely yours.

Book your FREE consultation now and let’s ink your story together!

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Tattoos FAQs

The cost of getting a tattoo in Bali can vary significantly based on several factors including the complexity of the design, the expertise of the tattoo artist, and the location of the studio. Typically, reputable tattoo studios like Mason’s Ink offer competitive pricing while ensuring high standards of hygiene and artistry. 

Bali is home to many highly-rated tattoo shops with international acclaim. The island’s rich artistic heritage coupled with a global influence of skilled artists makes it a thriving hub for tattoo enthusiasts. Studios like Mason’s Ink in Seminyak not only uphold stringent hygiene standards but also boast a team of award-winning artists proficient in a variety of tattoo styles. The blend of traditional Balinese art with contemporary tattooing techniques offers a unique tapestry of design options for those looking to get inked.

When it comes to choosing a design for a tattoo in Bali, the possibilities are endless. However, many individuals opt for designs that resonate with the cultural and spiritual essence of the island. Traditional Balinese designs, Hindu mythology, or elemental symbols like water, fire, and earth are popular choices. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with local artists to create a custom design that embodies your personal experiences or aspirations. 

Begin Your Artistic Adventure with Mason's Ink

Mason’s Ink is more than a tattoo studio in Seminyak; it’s where life stories are etched with excellence. We’re committed to a memorable, quality experience, validated by our globally recognized artists and sterling studio environment.

But the experience doesn’t end there. Share your Mason’s Ink journey with a Google review post-session, and enjoy an IDR 300k discount as our thank you. Your narrative is your legacy, and we’re honored to translate it into art.

Ready to craft your legacy? Reach out to Mason’s Ink today, where your personal saga becomes a cherished masterpiece. It’s time to ink your story. Contact us now!

Mason’s Ink is a Premier Tattoo Studio in Seminyak, Bali amenable to a wide range of tattoo designs. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, we bring your tattoo ideas to life.

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