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About Tribal Tattoos

Rooted in the depths of history, tribal tattoos were more than adornments – they were storytellers, a silent language marking identity, rites of passage, and tribal hierarchy. Today, they symbolize a personal narrative of strength, spirit, and the courage to walk life’s path.

At Mason’s Ink, we delve into this rich past, rekindling age-old traditions with a modern touch. Our artists, renowned for creating the best tattoos in Bali, are seasoned in authentic patterns. They craft intricate designs that pay homage to the warriors of old and serve as a personal emblem of your journey and transformation. Each curve, line, and dot converges in a symphony of black ink, forging motifs as profound in meaning as they are in aesthetic splendor.

Why Get A Tattoo in Bali at Mason's Ink?

Award-Winning Tattoo Artists

Our roster is graced with award-winning artists from the most renowned tattoo studio in Bali, each recognized on global platforms. These artisans infuse every project with a blend of passion, precision, and professionalism, ensuring your tattoo emerges as nothing short of a masterpiece.

Diverse Tattoo Designs

Every individual is unique, and we believe your tattoo should be too. Our tattoo artists excel in a wide range of tattoo styles, from traditional and neo-traditional to realism and abstract designs. Whether you have a clear vision or just a vague idea, our artists can bring your unique story to life through a customized design.

High-Quality Products

Quality tattoos start with quality products. At Mason’s Ink, we use genuine American and European inks to ensure the safety, longevity, and vibrancy of your tattoo. We also utilize  sterile equipment and premium needles that are opened in front of each customer at the commencement of their tattoo.

Minimum Pain

Your comfort is our priority. We understand that getting a tattoo can be a daunting prospect due to the anticipated pain. At Mason’s Ink, we employ advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology to significantly reduce discomfort. Our artists exercise the utmost care and precision, making the journey to your ideal tattoo as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Aftercare Solutions

We provide comprehensive aftercare solutions to ensure your artwork remains as pristine as the moment it was created. We equip you with the knowledge, resources, and continued support to nurture your tattoo, promoting optimal healing and preservation of the intricate details.

Gallery-Like Studio

Forget traditional, dreary tattoo shops; our space thrives with artistry, designed for your inspiration and comfort. Beyond that, our Bali Tattoo Studio is a haven of inspiration and comfort. As your design comes to life, immerse yourself in our captivating ambiance, enhanced with state-of-the-art sound systems and flatscreen TVs.


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Meet the Tattoo Artists in Bali

Started his career as an apprentice in 2017. He made his debut as a professional tattoo artist in 2020, specializing in line work and black work.
Started his career as an apprentice in 2012. He made his debut as a professional tattoo artist in 2014, specializing in black and grey realism with a touch of texture and detail. He also does portrait, micro realism, and fine line tattoos.
Has started tattooing since 2016. Mike is a versatile tattoo artist and specializes in black and grey realism, and portrait work.
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Best Tattoo FAQS

Tribal tattoos are rich in history and tradition, and their symbolism can vary significantly depending on cultural contexts. Generally, these tattoos are deeply intertwined with indigenous cultures and often represent elements of one’s status, achievements, ancestral lineage, and spiritual protection. They can symbolize various aspects such as strength, bravery, unity, and connection to nature or spiritual realms.

Fire, in the context of tribal tattoos, is often a symbol of transformation, power, and purification. Just as fire can forge and reshape objects, it signifies one’s ability to transform oneself or one’s life. It can also symbolize destruction, cleansing, and renewal, as fire may destroy the old, making way for new growth.

Discover Your Roots with Mason's Ink Tribal Tattoos

Mason’s Ink is the canvas where ancient symbolism and your unique story blend into a timeless masterpiece. Our tribal tattoos are not just markings; they are echoes from the past, speaking of bravery, tradition, and transformation, tailored by artists revered across Bali and beyond. Positioned as a leading tattoo studio in Seminyak, we pride ourselves on merging historical motifs with individual narratives to create something profoundly personal and deeply rooted in cultural heritage.

As you embark on this transformative journey, we invite you to share your experience. Your journey, etched in ink, deserves to be told, and we are committed to ensuring every stroke is a stroke of perfection. After your session, post a Google review detailing your adventure with us, and receive an IDR 300k discount upon your review’s completion, applied directly before your payment. It’s our way of honoring your story and your trust in Mason’s Ink.

Book an appointment with us now, and let’s begin the journey of crafting your indelible link to the ancients.

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